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Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria was founded in Burbank, California by brothers Aro & Allen Agakhanyan. The 2 Brothers Came to America from Armenia with their Mother & Sister. Aro came to America at the age of 12 years old. He was a cook at 16 years old at the Domino's Pizza in Burbank at the time. He was employed there for about a year and a half. At 17 Years old he was in Hoover High school in Glendale, California taking a couple classes from 7AM – 9AM.

After school Aro & Allen would go to work at a pizza place they purchased off some people. The name of the pizza place was called Roselli's Pizza. Back then they had 2 sized pizzas & 2 sandwiches. Very small menu, No Business – they didn't know how they did it. Back then the brothers didn't even have a car, they had a bicycle which they rode to school then to the pizza shop. Aro thought he could open his own business because he was a good cook at Dominos. After 4 years of struggling he figured that just being a good cook doesn't cut it.

The Pizza oven in Roselli's was very old and small. The largest size pizza that they could fit in there was only 8". Aro eventually bought a jeep wrangler, but then sold it to purchase a new pizza oven & some other equipment for the pizza shop, which sent the brothers back to being without a car. The new oven was a bigger, better pizza oven. The same oven Domino's was using at the time. This was a big upgrade as they could fit 2 - 28" pizzas in them at the same time. The name of the pizza place was still called Roselli's Pizza, but they named the 28" Pizza the Big Mama Pizza because of its size. They didn't have the Big Papa Pizza back then which is known as the 36" Pizza today. He registered the names Big Mama & Big Papa & said "I Don’t Know, Maybe One Day It Will Be Something, I Don’t Know What". They were selling a lot of the 28" Big Mama Pizza back then.

A couple of his employees left and opened their own pizza places around him. It was competition, so he knew he had to go bigger & better. He said he had to do something different. The customers were calling the place Big Mama's & Papa's, Not Roselli's anymore, so they took out the Roselli’s Pizza name & called the place "Big Mama's & Papa's".

In the next 5 years, the brothers didn't know what was coming. They grew from that one little place in Burbank to 18 Locations. Couple years after Brothers Aro & Allen came up with the 54" BY 54" Giant Sicilian Pizza which is now the Guinness world record holder of the Largest Deliverable Pizza in The World to this day in the 2012 Gunnies World Record Book. Back then whoever held that record had a 2,100 square inch pizza oven, but Aro & Allen had an idea; why not leave the pizza oven door open & have a custom extension made to keep the heat in while the gigantic pizza cooks?

They filled out all the paper work for the Guinness World Record Book & Paid all the fess, waiting for their response to tell him what to do next to get into the book. Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria didn't get in on the first try because it was not a menu item. It had to be a menu item, so they could officially get into the book, so they put it on the menu & on the BMPP website.

As time passed by the Eagle Rock location opened and that made it 19 locations. Now the brand has 19 locations across the L.A. County Metro Market & Is OPEN TO FANCHISING OPPORTUNITIES. The Brand Still Offers the 54" BY 54" Pizza followed by Regular Pizzas, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Salads, ETC..."

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